Like the Moon

"She was like the moon – part of her was always hidden away."

Do What You Can

As a typical "broke college student," I often wish I could do more for others. There have been many times where I have heard on the radio about people paying it forward at Starbucks.¬†As much as I would love to... Continue Reading →


Create Your Own Sunshine

Every night, I set my alarm, and every morning, I wake up to that painfully annoying sound and one simple phrase. "Create your own sunshine." Although I tend to immediately hit snooze, that little quote is engrained in my mind.... Continue Reading →

Say What You Need to Say

In middle school, seventh grade to be exact, I became friends with one of the sweetest, most caring boys I had ever met. After switching from private to public school, I was in culture shock. I was overwhelmed, but my... Continue Reading →

We are all Human

Born and raised in New Jersey, I have become very accustomed to this fast-paced society. I am constantly doing something. Whether it's class or work or volunteering, I always need to be somewhere. Honestly though, I am usually rushing around.... Continue Reading →

Write it Out

Despite my love for communication and my gregarious personality, I often find myself hiding certain facts about myself. Although many people think they know who I am, there is more to me than people realize. Throughout my upcoming blog posts,... Continue Reading →

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