I know I made a post a little over a month ago saying I was back, and then I was silent, but I really am back. I just want to let you all know what has been going on in my life since my last update.

Like I mentioned in my last post, I have been endlessly applying to various companies with the hope of getting something, anything. Well, toward the middle of August, I attended an annual young adults retreat hosted by my church. We stay in Ocean City, New Jersey, for several days as we dig deeper in our relationships with God and each other.

The theme of this year’s retreat was “process.” For me, this was particularly important because I’ve been going through a lot of different processes in my own life. As many of my other fellow graduates understand and experienced themselves, I entered a new process in May. It was time to begin the process of adulting. Although I had a very laid back summer with my boyfriend, friends and family, as many of you already know, I started to feel depressed as the summer began to wind down. I felt like I was stuck in a rut. I started applying to many, MANY places, but I wasn’t hearing back from anyone. Jump to the young adults retreat…

A couple of days before packing up and heading to OC, I applied for a full-time position at Cumulus Media in New York City. For those of you who have never heard of it, Cumulus is a broadcasting company and the second largest owner and operator of AM and FM stations in the country. The NYC branch owns the following radio stations: NASH fm 94.7, WABC, 95.5 PLJ and WNBM 103.9. 

Well, about a day into the trip, I was laying out on the beach with my friends when I got an email from the VP of brand partnerships and events at Cumulus. She wanted me to come in for an interview in the city the next day. I was so tempted to drop everything, leave the trip early and go because I knew I needed a chance just to get my foot in the door. Nervously, I asked my friend, Debbie, what to do. She told me to email her back and ask if I could reschedule, so I did. A couple of hours later, she responded, and we agreed to meet at the end of the week. (Side note: so happy I didn’t leave because God definitely wanted me to stay down there)

Anyways, I had one small issue. Yes, I went to school for broadcasting and public relations, but my goal was to end up in TV, not radio. Thus, I had absolutely no experience working in radio. The only reason I applied was because I loved NASH, and a friend suggested it. Despite my lack of experience, I prepared my portfolio, bombarded my former professor and friends in the industry with questions and researched the company as much as possible.

On the train ride to my interview, I kept playing Rend Collective (shout out to Jon and Rachael for showing me them on the ride home from OC). I truly felt God’s peace, even though I clearly knew this job wasn’t for me. I went into that interview, and although I didn’t have the best answers to all the questions, I knew I was prepared. The woman I interviewed with told me she had been doing interviews all week, and I was the first person to go in with a portfolio. She was very impressed. (So yes, listen to your professors and bring a portfolio. It helps the interviewer get a better idea of what you CAN and WANT to do.)

After listening to all that I had to say, she started telling me that my goals didn’t exactly line up with the job at hand. I agreed because I knew that the moment I scheduled the interview. However, she said she had a job opening for an assistant to a senior editor at WABC a couple of weeks back, and if I was there for that, she most likely would have hired me. That alone was a HUGE confidence booster. After weeks of hearing NOTHING, it was nice to know that I was doing something right. I just had to find the right fit.

Then, she proceeded to say that she didn’t know if I would be interested, but she had an entry level, part-time position open. It would give me the opportunity to enhance my PR skills, while allowing me to get my foot in the door, see what radio is like and make connections. As she was discussing starting out with this position and possibly working my way up, I got really excited. I may have cut her off a little when I blurted out, “Oh, you mean like a process?”

I ended up interviewing with the leader of that specific team the same day. I walked out of the office 99% confident that I had gotten a job, not the one that I applied for, but one that I knew was a much better fit for me. Several days later, I received an email with my official offer letter. One of the best parts was that I was super nervous about telling my current boss IF I had gotten a new, full time position. For those of you who don’t know, I work for a chiropractor. It’s basically like a family. Only me and one other woman work in the office. He’s been nothing but an INCREDIBLE boss, and trust me, I’ve had my share of not so great bosses. That’s life. They all taught me something though.

SO, not only was I able to get my foot in the door and learn more about the radio industry, I was able to keep my current job, which gives my boss more time to find a replacement. Now, I work two incredible jobs (if you even want to call them that): one that’s prepping me for my career, and one that I simply love to do. I only just started working for Cumulus a little over two weeks ago, and I have already met so many awesome people and learned/experienced things I never even thought I would be doing.

I know I rambled a lot, but with all that being said just know that life truly is a process, and sometimes, when we feel like we just can’t do it anymore, our biggest blessing is right around the corner.