Hey all!

I don’t even know if I should say that because after three months of silence, I’m not sure if anyone is even following my posts.

For those of you who don’t know, I graduated William Paterson University in May. I officially have my BA in Communication with a double concentration in broadcast journalism and public relations and my minor in legal studies. Yes, I know, that’s quite a mouthful.

Anyways, I briefly applied to jobs at the end of May, but I ultimately decided to just enjoy my “final free summer.” In other words, I continued to work (and still do work) part-time as a front desk associate for a chiropractor. I LOVE IT! My boss is great. My coworker is fabulous, and the patients are awesome. Additionally, I was able to travel quite a bit. I spent a week in Aruba, a week on Raystown Lake (the biggest man-made lake in Pennsylvania), a week on Lake Ontario and several days down the shore.

People constantly asked me what I was planning on doing, where I was applying and what my future consisted of. For me, enjoying this summer was extremely important. I was able to spend quality time with my family, friends and boyfriend. Despite dating for almost a year, we barely saw each other. He lives in Pennsylvania, and I am still in New Jersey. He was working full-time, and I was in school full-time, interning and working part-time. I needed this summer.

Some may call that an excuse to be lazy. I say they are wrong. I, along with many of my fellow graduates, have been in school for the past 18 years or so. We are suddenly facing a completely unknown way of life. We aren’t graduating high school and beginning another set of schooling. We are starting a very new journey, and it’s rather intimidating. I understand that’s a part of life, but for a small moment in time, I needed to step back and find myself. I needed to figure out what my next path was leading me to.

Now that the summer is winding down, I can finally say I am taking small, very small, steps along that path. I am tirelessly searching for anything, everywhere and anyone to send my resume to. Unfortunately, the lack of callbacks, interviews and responses is extremely upsetting. Last night, I voiced my frustration on Twitter, and lucky for me, it was met with many similar stories. So many of my friends are also struggling. It’s a tough world out there, especially for us communication majors, but we have to keep pushing through.

To my fellow college graduates who already have a job, congratulations! I truly am very excited to see where this world takes you.

To my fellow college graduates who are still searching, don’t give up. I may be writing all of this more to reassure myself, but I hope someone out there gets a little bit of encouragement knowing that they are not the only one struggling.

Most importantly, to my peers, future colleagues and possible employers, I am always open to tips and critiques. Please know, we are trying. Just have some faith in us.