For those of you have seen enough posts about the Fyre Festival, please understand that as a public relations major, I feel compelled to comment on this disaster.

For those of you have no idea what I am talking about, the Fyre Festival was basically designed to be a remake of Coachella. Rapper Ja Rule and entrepreneur Billy McFarland wanted to create an “anti-festival” festival. They used models, including Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner, and social media influencers to promote this luxurious music festival that was to be held on Exuma, a private island in the Bahamas. People supposedly paid anywhere from $450 to $12,000. They expected a private flight from Miami to the island, beach villas, gourmet food, loads of models, alcohol and good music. They got delayed flights, former refugee tents, cheese sandwiches, few if any famous people and barely any alcohol. Plus, Blink182 rightfully cancelled because the set would not be conducive to the experience.

Honestly, I had no idea what this festival was even about until I opened my Twitter account Thursday night and saw the disaster unfold through the hashtag, #fyrefestival. Once researching what was going on, I almost wanted to smack some sense into every socialite and social media influencer in attendance. First of all, why would anyone spend thousands of dollars on a brand new festival with no reputation behind it? Additionally, don’t you go to a festival for the music? The only people promoting Fyre Festival were the ones hosting it or the MODELS getting paid to post about it. There were no artists, bands, DJs or producers talking about it. Plus, a simple Google search would have shown attendees that the advertisement for the beautiful, private island formerly owned by Pablo Escobar was in fact the home of a Sandals resort.

Coming from a fellow millennial and avid social media user, I hope no one takes offense to this. Let this be a learning experience. Please understand why other generations look down upon us. We have so much technology and information in the palm of our hands, but we don’t even know how to use it. As incredible as social media is, it can be a major detriment. Stop being lazy. Know how to do your research.