It is no secret that the racial divide in this country has been extremely evident. Both before and especially during the election, tension erupted in this nation. As a white girl raised by a conservative family in a mostly white, suburban town, it is fair to say I remained ignorant to a lot of issues facing the country.

Many family and holiday discussions were centered around politics. However, the opinions presented often seemed the same. I am not saying they were right or wrong. All I am saying is that differing opinions were rare, and when they were presented, the conversation often turned into an argument.

As a broadcast journalism major and legal studies minor, I continued to try and pay attention to the news, especially politics. As a very opinionated Italian and Greek, I often discussed my views with friends and on social media. The problem was, I was so used to seeing things through my own eyes. I hardly ever took time to think about what people differing in race, religion, and socio-economic status experienced.

Several months ago, my best friend, whom happens to be Trinidadian and Jamaican, opened my eyes and helped me see things through her eyes. Despite both growing up in a strict and religious household, we came from totally different backgrounds. She calmly explained that she experienced a lot of things I never did. Just because I did not know about some of her experiences does not mean they did not or never happened.

Basically, I think it is time for all of us to take the time to start seeing things through the eyes of someone different from us. Just because you don’t see something happening or have never experienced something does not mean it doesn’t exist. If we could all just take a minute to try to understand what others have experienced, we may all be a bit more empathetic to certain individuals with very different viewpoints. After all, don’t we know for sure that love is the answer?