Every night, I set my alarm, and every morning, I wake up to that painfully annoying sound and one simple phrase.

“Create your own sunshine.”

Although I tend to immediately hit snooze, that little quote is engrained in my mind. I truly believe it is important to remember. Too often, I find myself making excuses and falling victim to my circumstances. I get wrapped up in the world around me. Unfortunately, that is when I find myself failing.

As I laid inside cooped up after shoveling Stella’s rolling white hills, I struggled with finding the motivation to do anything, let alone write my thoughts out on a screen in front of me. Honestly, I just wanted to binge on Netflix and ice cream. Lately, I tend to have way too many days similar to this. Although I am working hard to complete my final semester in college while maintaining a part-time job, I often find myself moping around during my downtime.

Now don’t get me wrong. I understand the importance of taking time for yourself. That is healthy and important. However, you must find a good balance. It’s just as important to get out there and socialize with those around you.

With all that being said, I think the main reason I am rambling about this is to let others know that you are who you allow yourself to be. Yes, the skies may look gray today, but instead of focusing on how far away spring is, start looking at what you can do to improve your day, today.

If you want to have a day filled with sunshine and rainbows, you can do that. You are responsible for yourself and your own happiness. Even if something looks bleak, take simple steps to make it better. Maybe you woke up feeling upset, tired or anxious. We all have those days.

As much as I would love to say something so incredible that it gives you a huge jolt of motivation, I know that it doesn’t always work that way. Just try doing a little something extra for yourself. Get your favorite coffee. Eat that donut. Take a long, hot shower. The simplest of things can create the tiniest hole in the clouds. Through that hole, the sun will shine just a little bit brighter than before. Then, the more you work at separating the clouds in your sky, the easier it will be to illuminate your moon with the sunshine you have created.