Maybe I am the only one. Maybe I am the only weirdo who drives around with the windows down and the music up. Maybe I am the only one who gets overwhelmed by my current surroundings.

About two years ago, I found myself flooded by a sea of confusion, frustration and desperation. I needed to get away. After getting out of work, I decided to just drive. I had an idea of where I was, but I did not have a destination in mind. I just knew I needed to clear my head before going home.

I ended up getting on the highway. Unfortunately, it was rush hour, and I quickly grew impatient. Who knew that small setback would lead to something so beautiful? I decided to get off a random exit. A couple of turns later, I was lucky enough to have stumbled upon my new favorite spot, a spot to call my own.

Whenever I need a breathe of fresh air and a change of scenery, I get in my car and drive to my spot. Although it is a public park, and people are often around, it is nice to have a spot where I can be alone.

Nowadays, we get so caught up with the world around us. We move at such a fast pace, consistently running from place to place. People need to understand the importance of taking time for themselves. When you have a minute of freedom, don’t be afraid to spend it alone. Get in your car and drive. You will be surprised at the peace that comes when you take time to relax and enjoy the landscape around you.

“Some beautiful paths can’t be discovered without getting lost.” -Erol Orzan